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i began by saying “yo” sarcastically, now it’s how i start half of my sentences 

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Tyler Posey as Ty Ventura in Maid In Manhattan (2002)

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have you ever had to restart a song because you spaced out and weren’t appreciating it enough

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Title: Make Me Wanna Die Artist: The Pretty Reckless 13,015 plays


make me wanna die // the pretty reckless

take me, i’m alive
never was a girl with the wicked mind
but everything looks better when the sun goes down

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"Of course, dogs are a pretty poor judge of human beauty. But I had a rough idea of what to look for." 101 Dalmatians, 1961

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Title: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Artist: The Beatles 2,555 plays


ob-la-di, ob-la-da // the beatles

desmond has a barrow in the market place
molly is the singer in a band
desmond says to molly, “girl, i like your face,”
and molly says this as she takes him by the hand

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Title: Baby, You're a Rich Man Artist: The Beatles 1,101 plays


baby, you’re a rich man // the beatles

how does it feel to be
one of the beautiful people?
now that you know who you are
what do you want to be?

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Monty Python | Flying Lesson Sketch [x]

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Title: Do I Wanna Know? Artist: Arctic Monkeys 9,967 plays


do i wanna know? // arctic monkeys

i don’t know if you feel the same as i do
but we could be together if you wanted to

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